Cinema Teleport @ CHB, Berlin

Teleport Galery is mobile exhibition venue. The project, CINEMA TELEPORT was triggered by the idea that contemporary video installations, usually found in white cube spaces, and sometimes the length of a movie, cannot maintain the attention of the audience for the whole duration of the piece. The goal of the mobile video gallery is to experiment with new ways of presenting video art, with a focus on whether a sense of comfort could motivate the audience to watch longer pieces.

Within the framework of FORMS, CINEMA TELEPORT will be live for the full five-days of the exhibition run. With a special emphasis on rearrangement, the project will elaborate on the changing habits of consuming media and video art in the digital age. In a living room-like setting, the audience will have the opportunity to explore the video selection on their own using a TV guide, and switch between the channels whenever they feel like to. In the age of Netflix, YouTube and similar, online stream-based production and distribution companies, the old-fashioned way of watching TV can feel unfamiliar with its impossibility of pausing and returning to where we finished off temporarily. As in the case of commercial breaks, when the viewer checks other programmes and then forgets to return to the movie in time, the freedom of switching channels here also comes with the price of missing some crucial details – and this way, probably the key – to the understanding of the video work. With occasional interventions of some participating artists we intend to evoke the TV watching experience of the ‘90s, and consequently facilitate some reflection on the media consumption habits of the 21st century.

Participating artists: János BRÜCKNER, Mátyás ERMÉNYI, Viola FÁTYOL, Máté FILLÉR, Márk FRIDVALSZKI, Dániel GÁSPÁR, Dávid GUTEMA, Gideon R. HORVÁTH, Csaba Árpád HORVÁTH & Eszter SIPOS, Zsolt KESERUE, Szabolcs KISSPÁL, Victor LIMA, Csaba NEMES, Hajnal NÉMETH, Société Réaliste, János SUGÁR, Nóra SURÁNYI, Zsófia SZEMZŐ

Installation: Dániel SZAPU

Graphic designer: Júlia NIZÁK

Curators: Tamás DON, Flóra GADÓ, Ferenc MARGL, Vanda SÁRAI

Fotók: Antal Barbara


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